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Ue22d5010 схема

Скачать ue22d5010 схема txt

Connecting to an Antenna. When the TV is initially powered on, basic settings proceed automatically. Preset: Connecting the mains and antenna. When the TV is initially powered on, a sequence of on-screen prompts will assist in configuring basic settings. Press the. P button. To return to the previous step, press the Red button. Selecting a language. Selecting Store Demo or Home Use. Select the Home Use mode. Store Demo mode is for retail environments.

When the OSD volume is displayed, press and hold. Store Demo is only for shop display. If you select it, several functions are not able to use. Please select Home Use when you watch at home. Selecting a country.

Раздел: Поиск схем и прошивок CarAudio. Раздел: Ремонт CarAudio. Recovery PX5? Раздел: Технофлейм CarAudio. Раздел: Поиск схем, datasheet и аналогов деталей ТВ техники. Регулируемый блок питания.

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