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Tc4427 схема

Скачать tc4427 схема fb2

Drive Capability Supply Voltage. Reverse Current Down to — 5V. Part No. They will not latch up under any. They are. They can accept,.

All terminals are fully protected against up to 4kV of. These drivers have matched input to output leading edge. They are pin. NOTES: 1. TC has 2 inverting drivers; TC has 2 noninverting drivers. TC has one inverting and one noninverting driver.

Applications: These devices are highly latch-up resistant under any conditions within their power and voltage ratings. They are not subject to damage when up to 5V of noise spiking of either polarity occurs on the ground pin. They can accept, without damage or logic upset, up to mA of reverse current of either polarity being forced back into their outputs. Short Delay Times: 30 ns typ. Latch-Up Protected: Will Withstand 0.

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