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Схема samsung ml1210

Скачать схема samsung ml1210 rtf

Quick Links. Table of Contents. ML Series. Chapters 4. User manual user manual ver. Printed in Korea. Page 3 Copyright Act. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Page 4: Precautions 5. Do not force to open or fasten plastic material compo- latch away from the part to nents.

Be careful that small parts such as screws should not get in the printer. Samsung Electronics Page 5: Tools For Troubleshooting The following tools are recommended for safe and smooth troubleshooting described in this service manual. M2 long, M2 short. Pinset Standard: For general home use, small type.

Cotton Swab Page 6: Specifications Specifications 2. Top Cover : Remove the cover in the direction of 4. Side Cover L, R : Remove the cover in the direction of 3. Loosen the right lower part of the cover, then push the cover in the direction of arrow to loosen the left lower part.

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