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Схема на viper50

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No Preview Available! Typical applications cover off line power supplies with a secondary power capability of 25W in wide range condition and 50W in single range or with doubler configuration.

Burst mode operation is an additional feature of this device, offering the possibility to operate in stand-by mode without extra components. It provides internal bias current during start-up via an integrated high voltage current source which is switched off during normal operation. The device is able to handle an unclamped current during its normal operation, assuring self protection against voltage surges, PCB stray inductance, and allowing a snubberless operation for low output power.

Primary side circuit common ground connection. VDD Pin: This pin provides two functions: - It corresponds to the low voltage supply of the control part of the circuit. After that, the current source is shut down, and the device tries to start up by switching again. In case of primary regulation, an internal 13V trimmed reference voltage is used to maintain V DD at 13V. For secondary regulation, a voltage between 8. The COMP pin behaves as a constant current source, and can easily be connected to the output of an optocoupler.

Note that any overvoltage due to regulation loop failure is still detected by the error amplifier through the V DD voltage, which cannot overpass 13V.

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