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Схема manley steelhead

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You are reading the older HTML site. Impressions: The Manley Steelhead phono stage. The Manley Steelhead, Version 1. All photographs by David W. Robinson except as noted courtesy of Manley Labs; image processing by Robinson. II 15ips half-track reel-to-reel tape recorder, Pioneer RT 7.

The call of the turntable. Charles Baudelaire. LPs and the loss of sensibility. Most of my wastrel! I saved that vice for later in life. And I still have every one of them. The best of these, together with a small collection of 7 inch and Meanwhile, CD playback spent a lot of time drifting into the prime choice for "background music," or "what I play in my car. You are what you listen to; what you think you know can hurt you. Reference sources in fine audio.

I have only a couple of more days with the Manley Steelhead and that makes me sad. I think I mentioned in an earlier post how the Steelhead made its way into my system?

I recently bought the best turntable in the known universe, the Blackbird from Dr. Yes, the Blackbird is the greatest thing in turntables since sliced bread and handily slays giants while curing cancer. Happily for me no waiting!

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