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Схема f700p

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. These parts are marked However, when the high voltage circuitry is operating on the schematic diagram and the replacement properly there is no possibility of an X-radiation problem. Power Button Button Use these buttons to choose or adjust items in This button is used to turn the monitor ON and the on screen display.

By using the USB, you will be able to connect your mouse, keyboard, printer, and other peripherals to your monitor instead of having to connect them to your computer. See Figure. X-ray Protection. If the high voltage of the FBT in this monitor flowing out through the power input reaches up to about 30kV abnormal state , H. V control IC detects. Page 12 Static Convergence Control Circuit. The high voltage output circuit is used for generating This circuit corrects the convergence of the screen by pulse wave to the primary coil of the FBT Flyback supplying the convergence signal to the 4H STC coil Transformer T Page 14 11 Display color 15,0 box pattern 70x70mm at mode 4.

Adjustment for Focus. Page 16 2. Page 17 3.

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