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Samsung s2 схема

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Today we look at a closer look at a part of the new flagship, as the motherboard Samsung Galaxy S7 , which contains the main electronic components of a smartphone. We note immediately that this review Galaxy S7 board is published solely for informational purposes and is not a guide for self-repair. We accept no responsibility for any carried out after reading this text manipulation device. In the photo below you can see the Galaxy S7 motherboard and other components of the smartphone, disassembled into basic components.

Actually board it consists of two halves connected by a short loop. The upper primary basic electronic components are arranged on the lower - mainly including various interfaces microUSB. But in fact the motherboard Samsung Galaxy S7. Protective screens against interference not removed, but in general most of the visible components. In principle, it is possible unofficial simultaneous installation of two SIM-cards and MicroSD in Duos model, but this is entirely at your own risk.

Here Galaxy S7 on the motherboard is the chipset, Qualcomm Snapdragon for Chinese and American options and Exynos - for all others. NFC and MST modules that are responsible for contactless payment functions using a smart phone as a credit card.

The module and antenna connector wireless charging. It supports the two standards - Qi and PMA. Connector MicroUSB 2.

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