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Pl945ti схема

Скачать pl945ti схема rtf

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Maintenance And Troubleshooting 43 Troubleshooting Page 2: Safety Precautions 1. PRECAUTIONS Safety Precautions 1 Before returning an instrument to the customer, always make a safety check of the entire instrument, including, but not limited to, the following items: 1 Be sure that no built-in protective devices are defective or have been defeated during servicing.

Page 4: Esd Precautions Insulation Checking Procedure attachment plug and accessible conductive parts see Disconnect the attachment plug from the AC outlet and note should be more than 1 Megohm. Connect the insulation resistance Note: Accessible conductive parts include metal meter V to the blades of the attachment plug.

Dolby License Supply of this Implementation of Dolby technology does not convey a license nor imply a right under any patent, or any other industrial or intellectual property right of Dolby Laboratories, to use this Implementation in any finished end-user or ready-to-use final product.

Page Package Description Specifications are subject to change without notice Package Description Package Outline Dimension The bend leads are controlled under the criteria 0. Thickness: 0. Strength: PA. Page 38 Specifications are subject to change without notice Air cap Box with the Aluminum foil bag 6 boxes per carton Side plank Label is on top of the box. Page 42 4. Name upgrade file as "MTK. BIN" must be in big caps 2.

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