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Gdc-400h схема

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Privacy: GDCH implements security and encryption technologies appropriate for DECT however, privacy of communications may not be ensured when using this telephone. While the GDCH is a rugged mobile device, dropping it on to the floor may cause critical damage. Page 12 5. Page 13 6. Dial pad Character Charts The display indicates the status of the handset and provides visual feedback for dialing and other actions.

Various icons, detailed in the chart below, are shown at the top of the display. Battery icon Vertical lines indicate battery charge state. At one 1 bar charging is recommended, and call quality may be affected. Common System and Handset Messages Use only with batteries provided for the GDCH. Use of other types of batteries may cause harm to the unit or explosion. To install the belt clip, refer to the figure and instructions below. From the back of the unit, place the belt clip on the left side of the unit at an angle of about 90 2.

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