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Ba3830 схема

Скачать ba3830 схема rtf

The a 6 1 band band-pass filter for spectral analyzer displays with internal recording indicator output. All of the capacitors comprising the filter are internal capacitors, making it possible to significantly reduce the number of attached components. This enables configuration of compact sets with a high level of reliability. FApplications CD radio cassette players, mini-components, car stereos. The rationalization of set production line can be realized by this IC incorporating I2C bus interface.

Built-in video IF circuit, sound IF circuit, video signal processing circuit, color signal processing circuit, deflection correction. GSA : Noise Reduction. Cic, Class D Hybrid, 3. A unique. TLC : Display Controllers. IMPORTANT NOTICE Texas Instruments TI reserves the right to make changes to its products or to discontinue any semiconductor product or service without notice, and advises its customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify, before placing orders, that the information being relied on is current.

TI warrants performance of its semiconductor. SA : 3.

Features 1 Built-in band pass filter for spectrum analyzer. Controlled by a microcontroller, detection level is serially output with DC level Terminal Terminal No. Although ROHM is confident that the example application circuit reflects the best possible recommendations, be sure to verify circuit characteristics for your particular application. Modification of constants for other externally connected circuits may cause variations in both static and transient characteristics for external components as well as this Rohm IC.

Allow for sufficient margins when determining circuit constants. Thermal design Perform thermal design, in which there are adequate margins, by taking into account the power dissipation Pd in actual states of use.

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